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The E&Q Journal (Energies and Quality Journal) is a open access electronic journal edited in Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain by the European Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ), Reg.No. 169208, with the International Standard Serial Number ISSN: 2659-8779 and DOI: https://doi.org/10.25084/eq.xx.xxx (x=reference-numbers for each Issue and paper)

The main objective of the E&Q is widespread over the world the recent development in the areas of Energies and Quality of the energy.

E&Q Journal publish original, high-quality research papers. Some of them presented in the "International Conference on Renewable Energy and Power Quality (ICREPQ)" that previously have not been published by RE&PQJ and like most scientific journals, relies on effective peer review process to uphold not only the quality and validity of individual articles, but also the overall integrity of the journal we publish.

E&Q is edited by:

C/ Ramón Aller, 83
36500 Lalin
Pontevedra (Spain)

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-Wind Energy, Small Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Energy, Ocean Energy, Geothermal, Biomass,…
- Classical and special electrical generators: Theory, design, analysis, losses, efficiency, heating and cooling, vibration and noise, modelling and simulation, control strategies, protection systems, maintenance, mechanical behaviour, new methods of testing, parallel operation, stability,...
- Power plants. Distributed generation. Fuel cells. Co-generation. Hybrid Systems. Original solutions,...
- Energy conversion, conservation and energy efficiency.
- Hybrid Systems. Microgrids. Smart grids. Original solutions,...
- Energy saving policy. Energy storage. Batteries,...
- Energy and the environment. Ecological balance. Ecosystem,...
- Application of the renewable energy. Best practice projects.
- Legislation in the area of renewable energies.
- Biomass combustion techniques. The energy use of agricultural and forest residues. Production and the energy exploitation of bio-gas. Environment. Social importance…
- Interconnection and transport problems.
- Planning and control of the power system take into account the renewable energy. Stability. Protection…
- Economic analysis of the power system take into account the renewable energy.
- Regulation/des-regulation of the power market. Influence of the renewable energy.
- Models and simulation of the power systems. Models and estimation of loads. Software tools.
- Application of the communications, internet, artificial intelligence for the renewable energy.
- Security assessment and risk analysis in renewable energy
- Technical and economic issues of the large-scale integration of renewable energies
- Recent advances in transmission technologies (AC and DC) for renewable energies
- Electric vehicles.
- Electrical Machines & Drives, Power electronics, and Control strategies for renewable energy applications.
- Monitoring and Diagnostics of electrical machines & drives, Tools for Diagnostics and Test for Predictive Maintenance for renewable energies applications

- Sensors and actuators for renewable energies applications.
- Renewable Energies Teaching



- Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
- Power Quality in Transport and Distribution.
- Economic Studies of the Power Quality
- Low-frequency conducted disturbances: Voltage deviations, voltage fluctuations/flicker, voltage dips and short interruptions, harmonics and inter-harmonics, transient over-voltages, voltage unbalance (imbalance), temporary power-frequency variations.
- Sources, effects and mitigation methods of the disturbances.
- FACT (Flexible Alternating Transmission Systems)
- Measurements of the power quality in networks, industrial installations and Laboratories. Equipment, procedures and measurement methods. Standards.
- Modelling and simulation of the power quality. Software tools.
- Transmission of the disturbances
- Filtering techniques
- Power factor compensation. Capacitor switching techniques
- Optimization techniques
- Communication, internet and artificial intelligence.
- Permanent monitoring techniques and online diagnosis
- Intelligent energy delivery systems. Uninterrupted power supplies
- Expert systems applications
- Devices, equipment and power systems. Control centres
- Specific problems and studies cases
- Power quality influence in deregulated markets
- High frequency disturbances (radiated)
- Data security and electromagnetic pulses.
- Protection against natural and intentional EMI
- Power Quality Teaching