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E&Q Journal ISSN: 2659-8779

The Energies & Quality Journal (E&QJ) is a free access electronic Journal, whose general costs of handling and publication of each article are 500 Euros (400 Euros for students) in all cases, except in the case that the article is previously presented to the International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ), in which case there will be no additional costs, except those for attendance/presentation of the paper in the conference itself, which are those that appear on the website: https://www.icrepq.com/registration.htm. Really the reduced fees are possible by the support of the Institutional and Organizational Companies.

If you do not attend the ICREPQ, you must transfer, once your article has been accepted and prior to its publication, the amount of 400 Euros, plus the corresponding bank fees, to the following bank account: ES95 2080 5142 84 3040003295, of the European Association for the Development of Renewable Energy and Power Quality (EA4EPQ/AEDERMACP in Spanish).

Students. The costs of handling and publication of each article in E&PQ Journal are 400 Euros for students. For that they need to provide any Faculty or Department document that justify their student condition. students
  1. Discounts:

    Exemptions may be granted at the editor's discretion and should be discussed with the editorial office upon submission of the article. Editorial decision-making is decoupled from authors' ability to pay review, editing, and publication fees; however, authors should consider beforehand whether they have sufficient funds to cover the full cost.

  2. E&QJ also offers discount vouchers to selected reviewers. Note that only one discount is permitted per article, and that the discount can be combined with other available discounts (e.g., reviewer vouchers).

  3. Refund policy: Wrongly deposit money or extra deposit money will be return back within three weeks if respective candidate inform us within twodays after the date of money deposit or transaction.


Name of the bank: ABANCA

Address of the Bank: Cantón Claudio Pita, 2. 15300 Betanzos (La Coruña)
Address of the Office: Av. Castelao, 79, 36209 VIGO (Spain)

Name of the account holder: AEDERMACP
Account number: 2080 5142 84 3040003295
ES95 2080 5142 84 3040003295.

Please, put clear your name and the article reference when you, or the personnel of your bank, filling up the bank transfer sheet.

You must cover all the bank transfer cost.